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Don't you love it

when a complex production comes together seamlessly?

Welcome to Zirwandaland

Production made easy

I created a banquet scene in a California mansion without getting crumbs on the 400-year-old carpet. I made it rain during a drought. I cast Jesus and sourced him a suitable wardrobe. I corralled 20 children on set without any tears. I love complex projects with lots of moving parts.

Moving parts synchronised

Dynamic, fluid, evolving… even on a stills shoot nothing is static. To achieve a smooth shoot (and an efficient budget), your complex project requires many different elements to synchronise. I am the go-to-girl in these situations. With over 25 years’ experience in ad agency land, I’m now bringing my creative suit and production management talent into the freelance arena. Over the years I’ve worked as producer and/or production manager on many TVCs, corporate videos, campaign shoots and music videos. I love the challenge of a complex project - from concepts to casting to catering, managing clients and crew and kids on set, sourcing props and finding locations. And because I’m financially savvy, in Zirwandaland your budget won’t disappear down a rabbit hole.

Elle Zirwanda

Freelance Producer and/or Production Manager

At the desk working from mine or yours

I'm super organised, I don't mind a deadline-driven challenge. I excel at spreadsheets but I'm also pretty useful with Adobe Creative Suite.

On set keeping out of the way

Running a schedule, corralling the troops, making sure everything is where it needs to be. A voice of authority on set but at the same time happy to hold a reflector.

Are you getting curiouser and curiouser about how I can help you out?
Email me: elle@zirwandaland.com
Give me a call: 0409 574 299

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